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Title Summary
Divination The home for the divination section of my site
Types of Magick An overview of the different types of magick that exist
Types of Psychic Abilities What's the difference between a clairvoyant and a medium? Find out here!
Banishing Getting rid of any energy so you can work with a blank canvas
Invoking When you want to summon a spirit, deity, or demon
Uncrossing Undoing a spell that you have cast
Grounding Centering yourself before working will make your magick more effective
Sigils Explaination of how sigils work and how to use them effectively
Right Hand Path Beneficial magick
Left Hand Path Baneful magick
Chaos Magick Where the rules don't exist and the points don't matter
Water Magick (unfinished) Magick that primarily involves the use of water. What more is there to say?
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