Here are all the posts that I have that don't belong in any of the other categories. Come back regularly for updates!
Title Summary
Color Theory How the different colors affect the mind in both positive and negative ways. Not for correspondences.
Wiccan Rede Everyone knows this by now, but I might as well add it to cover all my bases. This may not be a Wiccan site, but Wiccans are welcome here.
List of Religious Faiths I think the topic of religion is neat, so this is my reference sheet for all the different groups that I can find. There are brief details for each entry, but nothing too word-y.
My Herb Drying Process Drying your homegrown herbs makes them last longer and makes them easier to store. This is the process I use. It's very easy and quick!
How to Clean Seashells Also has information on the best times to collect shells for your magick.
Personal Altar Supplies What tools do I personally use? Read this to find out!
Crystal Safety Some crystals aren't safe to submerge in water or even be exposed to your skin! This page details what those crystals are.
Lucky & Unlucky Days Oh, you thought Friday the 13th was bad? There's more where that came from.