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Me! With my own two hands!

I have a degree in Computer Science and I coded with Java for 8 years and HTML for about 2. I love coding and I take the opportunity to do it the hard way...which means anything that isn't automatically generated by Neocities is typed by hand! It's tedious, but it makes you a stronger programmer.
You might be thinking "you probably have an IT job" and I don't! I lost my job in June 2020 due to COVID and I've been struggling to find work ever since. This is really what I do all day now. My new job is being a part-time house manager and a part-time self-employed programmer.
The closest I've come to working an IT position is working a computer reference desk. I loved that job and left on my own terms with a lovely reference letter from my former boss. I left in October of 2019, so I got out at just the right time.

Anyway. I made it.

A passion project I've always wanted to make that keeps me busy while in quarantine. I like collecting information and condensing it into a reference-book-style format. I'm just an info nerd who likes to organize, really.

November 2021! I've updated this site almost daily since I started. I really have nothing else going on in my life right now.

This might as well be my Magnum Opus. I don't really upload my work to the internet, I keep it all locally stored. I made a Codepen account years ago in an attempt to archive my Java files but that just kinda...went nowhere.
All of my socials have too much personal information, so I'm really not interested in linking them. I'm pretty much everywhere, but you'll never know its me ;). My Craft is a very personal part of my life that I'm not too keen on sharing with others I know out of fear of judgement. I exist in many, separate little worlds, and I like it that way.

If I find something and I agree with it, then I put it here.

My main sources of information are:

I'm an internet Occultist; all my sources are online.

I don't pull information that I read from old texts simply because I believe times have changed. I believe everything written pre-1990's is outdated info, so I don't take it as seriously as modern info. This isn't to say there isn't a sea of garbage in the modern era because, let's be real, bookstores in the U.S. are packed with terrible "witchy" books.
It's very useful to read as much as you can and learn to make your own distinction between what is useful and what isn't strictly in terms of Paganism, Witchcraft, and the Occult (!). Religion and Spirituality are powered by opinion and personal experience, end of story.
This means what I think is good information and what you think is good information are most likely two separate definitions, unless you agree with 100% of what I post. I don't want you to agree with 100% of what I post. That's not the point of this website. I'm making this for me, no one else. I'm only posting content that aligns with my beliefs.
Sorry if that's not a very satisfying answer. My page may be public, but it's personal above all else.

I'm hoping I don't get to that point any time soon, for the record, but if I had to make plans right now I would say this website will stay up, but it will collect dust.

If I stop working on this because I got a job, then I would deactivate my Ko-Fi profile on top of that.

As for the discord, I would still be active on there, but not as much. If I can't keep up activity on there, then I would transfer ownership to a group-elected admin.

That really hurt my feelings. I'll be expecting an apology letter from you in my inbox by Monday morning.
(aka I don't care)

You're welcome to believe all of this is silly as long as you're not a dick about it. I really don't mind if you don't think anything here is legit. I do and that's all that matters on here.

As for seriously believing it: my personal beliefs are listed in my "About Me" section linked here. Take a look if you really want to know my point of view.

Then Satan needs to raise his standards. I pay more in taxes than Elon Musk (Romans 13:7). If oligarchs are safe from the depths of Hell but an unemployed lesbian with a website isn't, then I think someone here needs to re-evaluate what the word "sin" means.

Drop me a line, let me know. When it comes to information on beliefs, I don't personally think that citing sources matters. However, I understand wanting credit for something you wrote.

Send me a few things:

If you would like to receive credit for something you wrote, but the date and time of your original post is not available and you don't know when you wrote it, still send the link. I will hopefully recognize your website and use that as evidence. You'll have to help me prove that you own that website, however.

Things I will refuse to give credit for:

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