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Ace | Creative Force, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Courage

using creative force
inventing a better way
expanding your potential
opening to greater possibilities
conceiving a dream
expressing yourself
stimulating your imagination
allowing a talent to unfold
coming up with a solution

showing enthusiasm
feeling fired up and eager
creating an aura of excitement
being ready to tackle the world
inspiring others
sustaining optimism
giving 110%

having confidence
believing in yourself
feeling assured of your abilities
being sure of success
having high self-esteem
having faith in your path
knowing things will work out

proceeding with courage
tackling a challenging task
going beyond your limits
being true to your beliefs
daring to take a stand
facing your fears
going for it

2 Two | Personal Power, Boldness, Originality

having personal power
commanding attention and respect
directing those around you
holding the world in your hands
wielding influence
calling the shots
having authority
swaying others to your position
being able to achieve your goals

being bold
daring to do what you want
taking a risk
gambling events will go your way
confronting the situation head-on
taking the initiative
speaking your mind
facing fear directly
taking the bull by the horns
seizing the day

showing originality
doing what no one else has done
creating your own style
being a pioneer
taking a different approach
inventing something new
diverging from the crowd
marching to a different drummer

3 Three | Exploration, Foresight, Leadership

exploring the unknown
seeking out uncharted areas
going in quest of new adventure
expanding horizons
leaving the secure behind
tackling something different

having foresight
being visionary
looking for greater possibilities
planning ahead
knowing what to expect
getting a premonition
anticipating obstacles
taking the long view

demonstrating leadership
showing others the way
taking the main role
providing needed direction
rallying the group behind you
assuming a responsible position
setting an example
serving as a representative

4 Four | Celebration, Freedom, Excitement

rejoicing over a happy event
recognizing a success
observing an anniversary, milestone or special time
congratulating on a job well-done
reflecting on accomplishments
enjoying some well-deserved rewards
taking part in a ceremony or rite

seeking freedom
getting out of an oppressive situation
breaking free of bonds
cutting loose
opening to new possibilities
escaping unhappy circumstances
claiming self-determination
letting go of limitations

feeling excited
bubbling over with delight
feeling thrilled
look forward expectantly
getting caught up in the moment
feeling jubilant
relishing the moment
being surprised

5 Five | Disagreement, Competition, Hassles

feeling everyone is at cross-purposes
being torn by dissension
quarreling, arguing and bickering
becoming embroiled in a debate
being at odds with others
quibbling over details

experiencing competition
feeling the thrill of the contest
going against an opponent
rising to the challenge
being involved in a game or sport
trying to outdo yourself
going for the gold
looking for a fight
having a rival
being challenged by an upstart

experiencing hassles
getting annoyed by demands
having minor setbacks
needing to take care of details
suffering from irritations
being bothered by trivialities

6 Six | Triumph, Acclaim, Pride

having your day in the sun
being vindicated
walking away with the prize
prevailing against all comers
coming out on top
achieving success

receiving acclaim
being acknowledged
getting a pat on the back
receiving an award or citation
getting praise or a compliment
earning applause
achieving recognition

feeling pride
enjoying healthy self-esteem
strutting your stuff
holding your head up high
feeling worthy of notice
having a high opinion of yourself
putting yourself above others
being arrogant
feeling self-important

7 Seven | Aggression, Defiance, Conviction

being aggressive
going after what you want
asserting yourself
taking the offensive
firing the first shot
making your point forcefully
seizing the advantage

being defiant
holding out against pressure
defending your position
opposing all challengers
combating criticism
refusing to yield
saying "No!"
resisting authority

showing conviction
being sure
having a fixed position
demonstrating strong character
standing up for what you believe
knowing you are right
acting resolutely
being firm

8 Eight | Quick Action, Conclusion, News

taking quick action
making your move
striking while the iron is hot
declaring yourself openly
putting plans into action
rushing into a new area
moving into high gear
getting caught up in change

coming to a conclusion
culminating an effort
having all elements come together
closing out an activity
experiencing a grand finale
finding a successful resolution
completing unfinished business

receiving news
getting an important message
obtaining a needed bit of information
finding the missing puzzle piece
discovering the truth
having a meaningful conversation
learning more

9 Nine | Defensiveness, Perseverance, Stamina

defending yourself
assuming ill will
expecting the worst
taking extra precautions
being paranoid
feeling wary and guarded
protecting others
remembering past attacks

persisting despite all setbacks
refusing to take "no" for an answer
seeing something through to the end
getting knocked down, then standing up
keeping your resolve
trying repeatedly

showing stamina
continuing despite fatigue
holding fast
drawing on hidden reserves
holding together through force of will
demonstrating physical strength
keeping up the pace

10 Ten | Overextending, Burdens, Struggle

trying to do too much
refusing to say "no"
taking all the blame
assuming another's debt
doing the lion's share
having to work overtime
shouldering all the work
being saddled with an extra load

feeling burdened
never having time to relax
feeling tied to a treadmill
being taxed to the limit
assuming responsibility
being held accountable
carrying out an unpleasant duty
cleaning up a messy situation
being left holding the bag

fighting uphill
doing everything the hard way
experiencing resistance
pushing against the current
having to work for every gain
finding that nothing comes easily

Page | Creative, Enthusiastic, Confident, Courage

Be Creative
take a novel approach
be original
find a new area of self-expression
use your art
come up with a solution
go in a new direction

Be Enthusiastic
jump in wholeheartedly
get excited
show optimism
be the first to volunteer
be passionate
get your blood flowing

Be Confident
tackle a challenge
say "yes, I can"
believe in yourself
stretch your envelope
move beyond doubts
focus on success
know that where there's a will, there's a way

Be Courageous
take a risk
be daring
have an adventure
avoid the sure thing
take assertive action
be a leader
overcome a fear

Knight | Charming, Self-Confident, Daring, Adventurous, Passionate

is physically attractive
disarms opposition with a smile
is sexy and seductive
generates glamour and excitement
is honey-tongued

totally lacks self-doubt
has a can-do attitude
is convinced of his or her talent
is self-assured at all times
doesn't sweat the small stuff

will risk anything without fear
will tackle what others avoid
is the first to volunteer for danger
loves being a hero
boldly goes where no one has gone before

loves travel and new experiences
seeks novelty and change
makes things happen
rises to every challenge
is footloose and fancy-free

is easily roused to action
feels strong loyalties
feels everything powerfully
takes a vocal stand
jumps in with both feet

Queen | Attractive, Wholehearted, Energetic, Cheerful, Self-Assured

is appealing and popular
creates a powerful first impression
makes friends easily
has great sex appeal
is warm and outgoing

is loaded with enthusiasm
tackles a task with total dedication
gives the utmost in any situation
is open and sincere
doesn't hold anything back

leads a busy and active life
is vigorous and strong
radiates health and vitality
has an inner vibrancy
is a natural athlete

is optimistic and upbeat
has an encouraging word for all
brightens whatever room he or she is in
has a warm and sunny disposition
can shake off the blues easily

quietly demonstrates self-confidence
handles any situation with aplomb
can't be easily rattled or provoked
is spontaneous and gracious in defeat
has faith in his or her abilities

King | Creative, Inspiring, Forceful, Charismatic, Bold

develops innovative projects and ideas
opens up new areas of experience
has natural artistic ability
uses self-expression for useful purposes
masterminds new strategies
is original and inventive

communicates enthusiasm
creates an atmosphere of excitement
sets an example others want to follow
instills confidence
is a powerful, natural leader

seems to dominate the environment
has a commanding presence
is assertive when necessary
earns respect and willing compliance
carries authority naturally

is often showy and theatrical
enjoys making the gesture with flair
naturally becomes the focus of attention
magnetically attracts others
is watched, imitated and talked about

is intrepid
is willing to take chances when the stakes are high
confronts opposition directly
dares to stand and be different
is unconcerned with what others think
has the courage of his or her convictions