Types of Magick

CURSE - an intentional and chronic spell cast with the intention to make the target's life as miserable as possible for as long as possible, sometimes even generations. Can either be more of a general misfortune (ex. the target will never make a friend ever again) or specific to a part of the target's life (ex. the target's car can be cursed in order to ensure they get into a crash).

HEX - similar to a jinx, but lasts until the target has learned their lesson (ex. "as long as you do X, Y will happen until you stop").

JINX - not meant to do serious harm and intended to be very mild misfortunes (ex. "I hope you spill that glass of water on your lap").

BANISHING - a type of spell designed to get rid of something specific. It can be a concept, a person, spirit, or otherwise, and to keep it away.

WARDING - a type of protective spell where you create and put up magical walls, usually against a specific thing such as spirits or negative people.

BINDING - similar to banishing. Instead of removing a person, object, or situation from your vicinity, you prevent a person or creature from performing a particular action.

GLAMOUR - often used for beauty spells, they are a type of spell used for creating an illusion over a person or object (ex. to make someone more attractive, to make an object harder to find, to make a person be more or less likely to be noticed).

CONSECRATION - a ritual blessing of an object or place by cleansing it and instilling with a specific energy. Cannot be done to living creatures.

POTION - any liquid made to have a magickal effect. It depends on the intent behind making it. Contrary to popular belief, these aren't normally intended to be consumed, but rather kept. Think of it as a liquid jar spell.

JAR SPELL - a spell made and contained within a jar, often sealed with wax but glue is becoming a more popular option. It's application depends on the intent behind making it.