Tools of the Craft

AKA a glossary of common terms

There are a million and one tools that a Witch can use for their Craft at any point and for as long as they like to use them. No two Witches use the same tool in equal ways.

That's why for this page, I will just be detailing what common tools exist out there for you to use as well as what they're typically used for.

Remember: it's your path, so you can use whatever tools for whatever reason. Some have a set purpose, but that doesn't mean you have to strictly use them for that purpose.

Tool Name Description Image Uses
Altar A personal workspace for Witchcraft spells and rituals. The Altar is a fairly universal tool. Mostly used as a dedicated workspace, but it's not the only kind of Witchcraft workspace that exists.
Altar Cloth A decorative cloth for the Altar. No image, can look like anything. Can be one cloth that you always keep down for easy cleanup, or can be multiple different cloths that you put down to match your intent for your workings. Should be the first item you place on the Altar when setting it up, if you wish to use one. It's not necessary by any means, but it makes the space "come together" aesthetically.
Apothecary The space where you store all your herbs, spices, nuts, berries, etc. for Witchcraft uses. No image, can look like anything. Helpful for keeping all your spell materials in one space, but definitely not necessary.
Athame or Sword A specialized, double-ended knife used to direct energy during spellwork and rituals. Some Witches prefer to use a Sword rather than the shorter Athame, it sometimes depends on religous beliefs. Used to represent the Fire element and the God (mostly in Wicca). Purely used as a means to direct energy and NOT to be used as an actual knife (as in, do not use it to cut anything!).
Bell Used to cleanse the workspace with sound. Can also be used to call upon the divine. Most Witches use it as a form of cleansing the space, but it's not the only option. Some ring it 3 times, some 7 times, some 9 times, and some however many times feels right. Usually rung at the beginning of the ritual to signal the beginning of your work to both the divine and to others (if working in a Coven).
Besom or Broom A broom of any size and shape used to physically cleanse the space before preparing the Altar. Use it to clear any dirt, dust, rocks, debris, or any other unwanted items in the space you plan to use. Mostly used in large areas and Coven work, so not necessary if working on a fixed table or in a dedicated room that doesn't get disturbed. Moden alternatives are vacuum cleaners and sometimes AC units.
Boline A curved knife strictly used for harvesting natural materials such as herbs, fruits, spices, and anything else that grows in the ground. To be used in tandem with the Athame. Just like the Athame, you must NEVER use the Boline to harm an animal or human! It is strictly to be used for harvesting plant materials for spellwork. It's considered polite to thank the plant before and after harvesting for providing for you.
Candles Pretty self-explanitory. Represents the Fire element and can represent any divine being that you wish to be present for your spellwork or ritual. Can also be used for candle spells, wherein you anoint the candle with oils and herbs and then let it burn out completely. The color of the candle can help strengthen your spellwork, with White being the best color to use for any situation or goal.
Cauldron or Bowl A rounded container, that can be fireproof, used to mix spell ingredients and/or burn items. Represents the Earth element and in some beliefs, represents the Womb of the divine feminine/Goddess.
Deity Representation
Essential Oils
Libation Bowl
Moon Water
Oracle Cards
Pestle and Mortar
Reference Book
Scrying Tool
Sea Shell
Singing Bowl
Tarot Cards

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