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Ace | Mental Force, Truth, Justice, Fortitude

using mental force
being objective
thinking your way through
finding out the facts
analyzing the situation
using your intellect
applying logic and reason

having fortitude
overcoming adversity
facing problems
resolving a situation
finding the strength to overcome
surmounting obstacles
being undaunted by setbacks

seeking justice
righting a wrong
championing a cause
doing what is right
establishing the truth
accepting responsibility
wanting what is fair

proceeding with truth
dispelling doubts
cutting through confusion
seeing through illusions
having clear understanding
being honest
finding out what is real

2 Two | Blocked Emotions, Avoidance, Stalemate

blocking emotions
denying true feelings
stifling a natural response
keeping another at arm's length
hiding distress
turning a deaf ear
being defensive
maintaining your cool

avoiding the truth
refusing to look at facts
pretending everything's fine
ignoring the warning signs
closing your eyes to what's going on
avoiding an unpleasantness
choosing not to know

being at a stalemate
feeling afraid to act
reaching an impasse
staying stuck
refusing to decide
being unwilling to rock the boat
staying on the fence

3 Three | Heartbreak, Loneliness, Betrayal

feeling heartbreak
causing heartbreak
suffering emotional pain
hurting inside
being disappointed
getting some unsettling news
having your feelings hurt
hurting someone's feelings
receiving little solace

feeling lonely
being separated
wandering far from home
being spurned or rejected
feeling isolated from those you love
being deserted in time of need
feeling lost

experiencing betrayal
discovering a painful truth
finding your trust misplaced
being let down
letting someone down
getting stabbed in the back
turning against someone
breaking your word
acting against

4 Four | Rest, Contemplation, Quiet Preparation

taking a break
giving your body time to heal
avoiding overexertion
finding peace and quiet
relaxing body and soul
taking life easy

gaining a better perspective
listening for your Inner Voice
taking time alone to think
standing back from the situation
examining your motivations
reviewing where you are

quietly preparing
consolidating inner resources
making sure your base is secure
getting ready for the future
coming to terms with what is
tieing up loose ends

5 Five | Self-Interest, Discord, Open Dishonor

acting in your own self-interest
setting aside the concerns of others
looking out for number one
thinking of your own needs
knowing you must concentrate on yourself
encountering selfishness
indulging in power plays
going for the win-lose result

experiencing discord
being in a hostile environment
feeling people are set against each other
choosing to battle
having an "us-against-them" mentality
creating ill will
experiencing conflict

witnessing open dishonor
losing your moral compass
letting ends justify means
sacrificing integrity
losing sight of what is right
achieving a dubious victory
knowing of criminal activity

6 Six | The Blues, Recovery, Travel

feeling the blues
experiencing a low-level sadness
just keeping your head above water
working to get through the day
feeling somewhat depressed
avoiding the lows, but also the highs
feeling listless
functioning, but not much more

dealing with the effects of trauma
getting over a tough time
picking up the pieces
starting to cope
beginning to get your health back
heading toward a more positive place
feeling hope again

changing location
moving from one place to another
taking a trip
experiencing a change of scene
being uprooted
going on a journey
entering into a new frame of mind

7 Seven | Running Away, Lone-Wolf Style, Hidden Dishonor

running away
shirking responsibility
sneaking off
avoiding obligations
being afraid to face the music
taking the easy way out
hiding from the truth

being a lone wolf
feeling you don't need anyone else
wanting independence
deciding not to help
keeping something to yourself
preferring solitude
staying aloof
wanting to go it alone
holding people at arm's length

choosing hidden dishonor
deceiving or being deceived
covering your tracks
maneuvering behind the scenes
being two-faced
seeing others take the rap
controlling without appearing to
avoiding a shameful secret
lying or stealing

8 Eight | Restriction, Confusion, Powerlessness

feeling restricted
being fenced in by obstacles
staying in a limited situation
feeling trapped by circumstances
experiencing few options
being blind to freedom
feeling persecuted

feeling confused
being unsure which way to turn
feeling at a loss
lacking direction
feeling overwhelmed
floundering around
needing guidance and clarity
not understanding what is happening

feeling powerless
waiting for outside rescue
doubting anything you do will help
avoiding responsibility
looking for a white knight
feeling victimized
accepting inaction

9 Nine | Worry, Guilt, Anguish

doubting all will go well
making yourself sick over your troubles
going over and over an issue
feeling anxious and tense
getting worked up

feeling guilty
regretting some offense
refusing to forgive yourself
wanting to turn back the clock
focusing on your "sins"
being hard on yourself
denying that you did your best
getting overwhelmed by remorse

suffering anguish
feeling you've reached your limits
having sleepless nights
feeling depressed
going through a dark night of the soul
forgetting joy
wanting to cry

10 Ten | Bottoming Out, Victim Mentality, Martyrdom

bottoming out
having nowhere to go but up
knowing it's darkest before the dawn
being at the lowest point
feeling things can't get worse
preparing for an upturn
reaching the pits

feeling like a victim
bemoaning your fate
feeling powerless
seeing life as hostile
suffering from an attack
wondering "Why me?"
feeling self-pity
being on the receiving end

being a martyr
putting your own interests last
being self-deprecating
feeling like a doormat
taking a back seat
letting others go first

Page | Using Your Mind, Truthful, Justice, Fortitude

Use Your Mind
analyze the problem
use logic and reason
reexamine beliefs
develop an idea or plan
study or research the facts
learn or teach
think everything through

Be Truthful
act honestly
face the facts
stop deceiving
clear up any confusion
expose what is hidden
speak directly

Be Just
right a wrong
act ethically
treat others equally
champion a cause
try to be fair
do what you know is right
accept responsibility
acknowledge the other point of view

Have Fortitude
face problems squarely
refuse to be discouraged
meet setbacks with renewed energy
keep a firm resolve
move out of depression
keep your chin up and head high
keep trying

Knight | Direct, Authoritative, Incisive, Knowledgeable, Logical

is frank and outspoken
gets straight to the point
does not mince words
lets others know where they stand
gives an honest answer

speaks with assurance
commands attention
acts with total certainty
gives orders naturally
has great influence

has a keen, forceful intellect
penetrates to the core
expresses ideas succinctly
is sharp and alert
debates and argues well

knows what he or she is talking about
can expound on any topic
is sought as an expert
has well-reasoned positions
is highly intelligent

reasons clearly
analyzes information well
concentrates on what is correct
can set aside emotional factors
makes sense out of confusion

Queen | Honest, Astute, Forthright, Witty, Experienced

faces the truth, even if unpleasant
is up front with everyone
likes everything on the table
plays by the rules
avoids lies and deception

sizes up a situation quickly
understands hidden motives and desires
is difficult to fool, trick or con
figures out the unspoken rules and agendas
is quick on the uptake

is direct and open in all dealings
gets to the heart of the matter
acts without pretense or guile
is straightforward and no-nonsense
can be candid when necessary

has a delightful sense of humor
diffuses awkward situations with a funny remark
never takes anything too seriously
laughs at everything, including him or herself

has seen and done it all
has strength due to life's hard knocks
is free of self-righteous judgments
has realistic expectations

King | Intellectual, Analytical, Articulate, Just, Ethical

is comfortable in the world of the mind
uses thought creatively
grasps information quickly and completely
inspires and challenges through ideas
ably carries out research
is knowledgeable

cuts through confusion and mental fog
applies reason and logic
is talented with games and other mental challenges
easily breaks up complicated subjects
is adept at argument and debate
understands a problem quickly

is adept at language and verbal skills
communicates ideas successfully
is a stimulating conversationalist
often serves as a group spokesperson
is a lucid writer and speaker

renders honest, insightful judgments
understands and honors all sides of an issue
is concerned about truth and fairness
views situations with a dispassionate eye
is impartial and objective

is a moral/ethical leader
encourages high standards
works against corruption and dishonesty
takes the high road in all dealings
lives by his or her highest principles