Spells for Students

These spells can help you with manifesting a good grade on a test or paper, graduation, and/or passing a class. However, remember that these spells are NOT a suitable substitute for actually studying and doing your part in school. Think of these spells as good luck charms for your grade.

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Exam Success Spell

This spell is best performed outside on a windy day. With this in mind, please remember to practice fire safety and always have a means of extinguishing a fire with you when working outside. Your life is worth more than your craft.

You will need: a blue candle, and a piece of paper ripped from a book of knowledge (dictionary, literature, etc.)

Light the candle and recite the following 3 times:

As this candle burns,
Great knowledge I do learn.

Burn the corner of the paper with the candle flame. Allow the bits of paper to be blown away with the wind*. As it burns, recite the following:

As knowledge scatters to the wind
My powers of mind do begin
Gods of North, South, East and West
Be with me as I complete my test.

Let the candle burn down and meditate on your success.

* - Momma Funch's note: please do be careful to not let the bits of paper get too out of control as they fly away. It's best to perform this in an area that doesn't have grass, trees, and/or buildings. Please be mindful of the danger that Fire holds.

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