Personal Spell Writing Process

  1. Decide the Purpose of Your Spell

    Before writing your Spell, you must have the answers to 2 questions:

    What do I want to accomplish?
    How do I want to accomplish it/which form of magick will I use?

    It might seem obvious, but it really helps to write down your goals so you can stay on track when finding resources.

  2. Decide When to Cast Your Spell

    The following are all optional to include, but sometimes adding them helps with your Intent. Feel free to pick and choose here.
    You can choose a...

    • Moon Phase
    • Day of the Week
    • Ocean Tide (useful for Spells that deal with emotions)
    • Planet
    • Hour of the Day (choose this based on any of the above criteria)

  3. Decide What Materials to Use

    Now that you know what you're doing and when you're doing it, it's time to make a plan of action! Again, it's not necessary to use everything listed here, just use what fits your situation.
    You can choose a...

    • Container (are you making a Spell Jar, Sachet, Oil, Sigil, etc.? Are you storing anything at all?)
    • Color (what color serves the goal? What material will you use that is this color?)
    • Symbols including the Divine (who is the Spell for? What are the influences you wish to channel?)
    • Oil (will you anoint your candles?)
    • Herbs (which herbs will help with your Intention?)
    • Incense (what is the purpose? Which scent will aid your Spell?)
    • Stone/Crystal (which stones/crystals will help with your Intention?)
    • Animal (which animal's properties do you wish to channel?)
    • Other Magickal Processes such as Rituals, Divination, etc.

You should now have a nice layout of your spell. The next step is to lay out the steps from beginning to end like a cooking recipe. If you don't want to write it down, then you can skip this part. Once you have everything laid out, you're ready to perform!