Pet Connection Spell

Written by: Momma Funch

Backstory - in 2016, I visited Japan with my classmates for a half study abroad, half senior trip. While I was there, we stopped at a shrine where I bought a Petto Omamori (outside blog link) for my cat at the time. This is basically a good luck charm for your pet that contains a blessed scripture inside (I haven't dared open mine). My purchase came with 2 charms: one that goes on a pet collar and one that is akin to a phone charm (exact image from Google, I have the red ones!). Translated signage explained that the charms are meant to keep a connection between you and your pet. I fell in love with this idea and this Spell is my version of my Petto Omamori.


  1. Cleanse your jars and create your Sigils (if your Sigils are ready to go before this step, great!)
  2. Activate the Sigils by burning them and saving the ashes (you can mix them together or keep them separate, the outcome will be the same either way)
  3. Evenly distribute the ashes to each of the jars (if you kept the ashes separate, then add each one to each jar)
  4. Add your pet's taglocks to each jar
  5. Visualize your pet(s) in a safe and loving white light as you hold each jar. Meditate on the love and connection you feel towards your pet(s) and allow this love to radiate through your body. If you work with the Divine, pray to them to help keep your pet(s) safe, healthy, happy, and connected to you when you're away from them.
  6. Add your taglocks to each jar
  7. Visualize yourself in a safe and loving white light as you hold each jar. Repeat the process above but for yourself instead.
  8. Visualize both the white light aroud you and around your pet coming together to form one ball of energy and connection. Meditate on the sense of safety, love, and happiness that blends together when both energies come together. If you work with the Divine, pray for this connection to never fade (and add anything else you feel is appropriate).
  9. Close your jars and hold the one you would like to keep with you.
  10. Charge your jar with your energy by visualizing and feeling white light coming from your heart, down your arms, through your fingers, and into the jar. Stay like this for as long as feels right to you; it can be 1 minute or 1 hour, as long as you stop when it feels right.
  11. (Optional) Repeat the previous step for your pet's jar. I chose to not do it because their jar is staying behind, so it won't be exposed to much energy outside your own.
  12. Place the pet's jar somewhere that reminds you of your pet PLEASE BE CAREFUL TO NOT PUT IT WHERE THEY CAN REACH IT. Depending on the size of the jar, your pet could eat it and choke, or break it and thus undo the spell. I keep mine alongside their food storage because I know they can't get into that cupboard. Please be mindful of where you keep this.
  13. Keep your jar with your daily carry items. This can be a bag or your pockets. I keep mine in a side pocket on the inside of my bag because it's the safest place to prevent it from breaking. If it's too cumbersome for you, then feel free to keep it in your car, school bag, desk drawer, or any place that you spend long amounts of time at.
  14. Done!