New Beginnings Spells

Want to start your next adventure on a good note? Then these spells are for you!

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Good Week Spell | To Start a New Endeavor Spell | Letting Go of the Past Spell | Out with the Old, In with the New Spell | Help in Making a Decision

Good Week Spell

Use for: manifesting a good week ahead.

You will need: a white candle (a tealight will work), a sprig of rosemary, and salt.

Perform this spell on a Sunday night.

Light the candle and recite the following:

May the light of this candle grant me a week of brightness, light and happiness.

Take the rosemary sprig and burn the end using the candle flame* (BE VERY CAREFUL). Recite the following once it has caught flame:

May the smoke of this rosemary rise like my mood and my luck for this week.

Sprinkle or throw** the salt into the candle flame and recite the following:

May this salt rid me of any bad luck and negativity.
May it cleanse and release anything bad that may befall me this week.

End the spell with the following:

As I Will It, So Mote It Be.***

Let the candle burn out. Dispose of the rosemary via burying it or tossing it into a flowing river.

* - Momma Funch's Note: the original author doesn't specify what to do with the rosemary after lighting it. I recommend burning dried rosemary leaves (or incense) in a censer and letting that completely burn out.

** - depending on how much you want to clean up and how much space you have to work with. I recommend sprinkling the salt if working indoors and tossing it if working outdoors.

*** - Momma Funch's Note: this is a common ending for spells written by Wiccans. If you are not Wiccan, feel free to leave this line out.

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To Start a New Endeavor Spell

You will need: a yellow candle, seeds (any kind meant for planting will work), a small pot of soil, and water in a pitcher or jar.

This spell is best performed on a New Moon, but it's not necessary.

Meditate on what you are starting and what you hope to achieve. Light the candle.

Hold the seeds in your hand and recite the following:

Bless this new beginning
A gift from the Gods*
Which I accept with gratitude and appreciation.

Plant the seeds in the soil and recite the following:

Let it be productive like the Earth
And nurtured by the warmth of the Sun.

Pour the water over the seeds and recite the following:

Let it flow smoothly like water
And carry me in a positive direction
Like a seed blown on the winds
Bless this new beginning
That it may broaden my horizons
Strengthen and enlighten me
And help my Spirit to grow and blossom.
So Mote It Be.

Take care of the plant and you will overcome any challenges that you may face during your new endeavor.

* - Momma Funch's Note: if you work with a specific Pantheon, feel free replace "the Gods" with the name of your highest ranking Deity (or the Deity of fate). This isn't necessary, but it makes the spell more personal. If you do not work with the Divine, replace "Gods" with "Universe".

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Letting Go of the Past Spell


Use for: letting go of yesterday so you can move on.

You will need: a white or black candle, a bowl of water, and a towel.

Light the candle then wash your hands with the bowl of water and dry them with the towel. Recite the following:

I pledge this day to do my best
To put the past behind me
Walking straight with head held high
So fortune’s favor finds me.
Yesterday is gone and done
Tomorrow lies before me
I will not let myself be found
By history’s faded story.
No longer looking toward the past
Except for lessons learned
I’m moving toward the future now
And all that I have earned.

Let the candle burn out.

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Out with the Old, In with the New Spell


You will need: a candle (white preferred, a tealight will work), a fireproof container (cast iron is best), paper, and a pencil.

Light the candle. Write all the things you want to change about yourself on the paper. Make sure they are realistic and that you have the true and honest desire to change these things.

When you are done writing, light the paper using the candle flame. When it first catches, say to the paper:


Place the paper in the fireproof container and gaze into the flames. Recite the following as you stare:

Transformation I call to me,
Blessed Fire answer my plea.
Banish the old and bring in the new,
Clear the way for what's healthy and true.

Repeat the above 4 lines until the paper is completely done burning and the fire goes out.

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Help in Making a Decision Spell

Written by: Lady Beltane

Recite this chant whenever you need guidance on making a decision:

I call upon Fire to light my way,
I call upon Air to push the cobwebs away,
I call upon Water to soothe my thoughts,
I call upon Earth for clarity of thoughts,
I call upon Spirit to guide the way,
In making this decision today.

Repeat as many times as needed.

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