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Stone of Luck Spell

You will need: 1 small stone of your choice, a candle (the color should correspond with your intent, but white will work), appropriate herbs for your intent, appropriate incense for your intent, salt, water, a cloth, oil (either olive, jasmine, or mint), and some bowls

Meditate on your intent. After you feel you have spent enough time, you may begin.

Light the candle and incense. Hold the stone in your dominant hand and concentrate on your intent. Pass the stone through the flames 3 times. Then place it in the water.

Hold your hands over the water and focus on your intent. Then remove it from the water and sprinkle the herbs over it, placing it in a dry bowl once done.

Visualize your intent playing out with success. Then anoint the stone with the oil and place it back in the dry bowl. Sprinkle salt onto the stone. Concentrate on your intent.

Lastly, wrap the stone in the cloth and leave it in a safe place for at least 24 hours. Let the candle burn out and dispose of the water.

Once the stone is done resting, carry the stone with you.

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Joy & Luck Bag

You will need: 2 small equal pieces of red cloth and red thread (alternatively, a red charm bag if you don't want to sew one yourself), bread crumbs, salt, and a teaspoon of rue

(If you aren't sewing your charm bag, then skip this step) Sew 3 of the 4 sides of the 2 pieces of cloth together using the thread, leaving with one open end. Turn the bag inside out.

Place the breadcrumbs, salt, and rue in the bag and seal it (either tie the end closed or sew it with the thread). Recite this chant while holding the sealed bag:

This bag I sew for luck for me,
And also for my family,
That it may keep by night and day,
Troubles and illness far away.

Hang the bag over your bed, window, or keep it in your daily carry bag.

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