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Need a pick-me-up after your bad day? Want a way to channel your anger effectively? Then this is the right place for you!

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Happiness Candle Spell


You will need 2 orange candles (white tealights are okay if you don't have these), and dried lavender.

Put a few pinches of lavender on your altar/table between the two candles. Light them both and hold your hands close enough to feel the heat from the flames, but be careful to not get too close. Repeat the following 7 times while in this position:

This spell please bless
For my happiness

Let the candles burn down. You are free to put your hands down after the chant, or keep them until the candles are melted.

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Confidence Candle Spell


You will need a pink candle (white tealight works too), and pink and white rose petals*.

On your altar/table, make a ring out of the petals and place the candle in the middle. Meditate on your best traits, really compliment yourself. Light the candle when you feel ready. Repeat the following:

May my own light shine
With love Divine

Let the candle burn down.

* - Momma Funch's Notes: the original spell calls for water to be drunk at the end of the spell. I don't really see a purpose for it and the explaination doesn't really make sense so I left it out here.

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