NOTE: this page discusses the modern usage of Sigils in Spellwork, and does not detail the role of Sigils in Ceremonial Magick. The only reason for this is that I do not practice Ceremonial Magick. I plan on adding some information later, but as long as this message is here, then this page will only discuss the modern way to use them.

A Sigil is really just a fancy magickal drawing made with intent. It can be used in any Spell and doesn't have to be pen on paper. Some practitioners treat Sigils as visual spells and substitute the typical Spellworking process with these. I use them to specify my intent in my Spells. Here is a very common way to create Sigils for Spellwork. If the process seems too tedious for you, then online Sigil generators are linked at the bottom of the page.

Common Sigil Making Process

  1. Come Up with Your Intent - what do you want this Sigil to do? Try to keep it singular and present-tense (don't use words like "will be" or "was"; use words like "is" and write as if the action is happening right now).

    Example: my example for this page will be making a Home Protection Sigil. My intent will be, "this home is protected". Remember: this is NOT meant to be literal and, in this case, should NOT be substituted for taking the proper precautions to protect your home. Magick is a supplement to real-world operations, not a replacement.
  2. Remove All Repeated Letters from Your Intent - (some people like to remove the vowels as well, it's up to how complex you want your Sigil to be.) You'll be left with a string of single letters that kind of resemble your original Intent sentence. Sometimes this step can eliminate whole words like a, is, has, etc. That's okay and sometimes unavoidable, don't worry if it happens to you.

    Example: "this home is protected" becomes "this home prcd". You can decide which duplicate letters you want to eliminate, this DOES matter for your final Sigil. If you want to create separate Sigils by rearranging which letters get removed and then choosing the one you like best, go for it. I prefer to just do it once and trust the process.
  3. Assign Each Letter to a Number - here is the most tedious part. Using the chart below (please feel free to copy it), find the letter you wish to replace, and write the number on the top row it corresponds with (follow the colums up and down).
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

  1. Example: "this home prcd" becomes "2891 8645 7934". The process is difficult to explain, but once you get it, then you won't forget it.
  2. Place the Numbers 1-9 in a Circle - the order doesn't matter; in fact putting them in whatever order feels right for the moment makes your intent more effective. Some people like to use the same number wheel for every Sigil, I like to make it as I go.

    Example: here is the number circle I made up for this page. Feel free to copy it if you want. I recommend making your own, however.
3 8
4 1
9 5
2 7

  1. Draw Your Sigil Using the Number Circle - time to put it all together! I draw a circle for the first number and for any duplicate numbers next to each other (like 55). Some people use an X, some people don't use anything but lines. It's really up to you how you want the final drawing to look. Then, one by one, draw lines connecting each number together. If your fist three numbers are 123, then first draw a line from 1 to 2, then draw another line from 2 to 3. Repeat that process until you draw a line to your last number. This is your Sigil!

    Example: here is my final Home Protection Sigil made in Paint using the number wheel above. Feel free to steal it, I really don't care.

Sigil Generator Websites

Sigil Generator made by Watabou on