Mother Shipton's Card Meanings

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Card Meaning
ACE The cupid of cards...beware!
2 Always signifies a coffin
3 The person in question will be unfortunate in marriage
4 Shows speedy sickness and false friends
5 Success in work, good luck in marriage
6 Mediocre fortune, failures in work
7 Shows the loss of an almost valuable friend
8 Strong opposition to your choice and in love affairs
9 Danger, sickness, and loss of fortune
10 A card of bad import, counteracting the good ones
JACK A person who shows great abilities with great laziness
QUEEN A person who causes corruption with their flattery
KING A person who is ambitious with success in the attempt


Card Meaning
ACE Merrymaking and good humor
2 Shows that success will be with the person in question
3 The person in question will experience ill will from others
4 The person in question will not be married early
5 A wavering one
6 A generous disposition
7 A fickle and vicious disposition
8 The person you marry will be a drunkard
9 Great wealth and high esteem
10 Good nature, many children, and help in times of need
JACK A person who is a dear friend and prevents mischief
QUEEN A person who is very beautiful
KING A person who has fair skin, good disposition, and is passionate


Card Meaning
ACE Great wealth is promised
2 Unfortunate opposition to a position you favor
3 Three marriages will happen, but one of them will be to a wealthy person
4 Spending money without care, but willing to change
5 An early marriage and good luck
6 A partnership you will gain from, and have well-behaved children
7 Promises the most brilliant fortune
8 The person in question is greedy
9 You will displease a friend
10 Loss of friends, but gain of riches
JACK A person who is a generous friend
QUEEN A person who is loving
KING A person who is affectionate, humane, and faithful


Card Meaning
ACE A person who is fond of sports
2 An early marriage
3 Lawsuits and domestic disagreements
4 Lack of self-restraint in marriage
5 A content marriage and good children
6 An early marriage and widowhood
7 A happy life in the country
8 A risk of dying single
9 The person you marry will like to travel
10 Promises a country partner, with some money
JACK A person who will look more into their own interest than yours
QUEEN A person who is lazy and unfit to lead
KING A person with a fiery temper