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Ace | Material Force, Prosperity, Practicality, Trust

using material force
focusing on concrete results
having a real-world impact
working with the physical
achieving tangible results
improving the body/health
becoming involved with nature

having the means to reach a goal
enjoying abundance
drawing to you what you need
seeing efforts rewarded
increasing assets
experiencing growth

being practical
using common sense
getting down-to-earth
taking advantage of what works
being realistic
grounding yourself in the real world
accepting the tools at hand

proceeding with trust
believing in the good faith of others
feeling safe and protected
knowing you have total security
operating from a known position
having a support system
knowing the situation is stable
consolidating a firm base

2 Two | Juggling, Flexibility, Fun

keeping everything in balance
coping with demands
getting people to work together
making sure all areas are covered
having a lot of irons in the fire
moving forward smoothly
emphasizing all aspects equally

being flexible
adapting quickly
feeling free to try new approaches
going with the flow
refusing to let change throw you
opening to developments
seeing the possibilities
handling challenges
changing directions easily

having fun
doing something you enjoy
getting a kick out of life
taking time to play
feeling in high spirits
whistling while you work
seeing the humor in the situation
kicking back

3 Three | Teamwork, Planning, Competence

working as a team
coordinating with others
finding all the needed elements
functioning as a unit
getting the job done together
contributing to the group
combining efforts

organizing resources
following a schedule
operating in the know
nailing down the details
being an ant, not a grasshopper
reviewing beforehand
going over possible problems
being prepared

being competent
getting the job done
carrying out an assignment well
meeting your goals
proving your ability
achieving more than what's expected
knowing what to do and how to do it
being up to the job

4 Four | Possessiveness, Control, Blocked Change

wanting to possess
keeping what you have
getting your share
acquiring material goods
hanging on to someone
being greedy
declaring ownership

maintaining control
wanting to be in charge
denying weakness
demanding compliance
insisting on your own way
imposing structure
setting limits and rules
creating order

blocking change
maintaining the status quo
wanting everything to stay the same
refusing to look at new approaches
obstructing new developments
holding on to the present
resisting the flow

5 Five | Hard Times, Ill Health, Rejection

experiencing hard times
running into material troubles
losing a job or income
feeling insecure
going through a period of hardship
lacking what you need
struggling to make ends meet

suffering ill health
feeling run down and tired
refusing to take care of yourself
neglecting your body and its needs
feeling ragged around the edges
getting medical attention
abusing your body

being rejected
lacking support
having the door slammed in your face
taking an unpopular position
being ostracized
feeling excluded
standing alone
receiving disapproval

6 Six | Having/Not Having, Resources, Knowledge, Power

having/not having resources
taking care of/being taken care of
sponsoring/being sponsored
supporting/being supported
offering/receiving a gift or reward
acquiring/not acquiring what you need

having/not having knowledge
imparting/receiving information
becoming/finding a mentor
offering/taking advice
showing/being shown the ropes
knowing/not knowing a secret

having/not having power
acting with authority/deference
asserting/denying your wishes
coercing/being coerced
doing all the talking/listening

7 Seven | Assessment, Reward, Direction Change

evaluating the status
reflecting on progress to date
reviewing what's been done
pausing to check results
making sure you're on course
finding out where you stand
taking stock

reaping a reward
finally seeing some results
enjoying the first fruits
getting returns on investments
receiving payoffs
being able to let up a bit
reaching a milestone

considering a direction change
weighing a different approach
pondering alternatives
thinking about change
opening to a new strategy
questioning your choices
standing at a crossroads

8 Eight | Diligence, Knowledge, Detail

showing diligence
making an effort
working hard
applying yourself totally
being absorbed in a project
dedicating yourself to a task
plugging away
producing steady results

increasing knowledge
taking a course
learning a new craft or skill
receiving training
pursuing greater understanding
finding out the facts
increasing expertise

paying attention to detail
being painstaking
being extra careful
approaching a task methodically
getting down to the nitty-gritty
handling all the loose ends
checking and rechecking
noticing the fine points

9 Nine | Discipline, Self-Reliance, Refinement

being disciplined
exercising self-control
showing restraint
reining in impulses
sacrificing to reach a goal
sticking to a program
taking a step-by-step approach

relying on yourself
handling the situation alone
acting on your own
falling back on your own resources
doing it all by yourself
wanting to be alone
feeling sure your way is best

pursuing refinement
achieving a comfortable lifestyle
avoiding the coarse and unsavory
being tactful and diplomatic
seeking high-minded activities
enjoying the finer things of life
remembering to be gracious
enjoying leisure

10 Ten | Affluence, Permanence, Convention

enjoying affluence
having material abundance
being free from money problems
enjoying business success
feeling financially secure
seeing your ventures flourish
having a run of good fortune

seeking permanence
looking for a solution that will last
creating a lasting foundation
feeling secure as things are
being concerned with the long-term
having an orderly family life
moving beyond makeshift arrangements
nailing down the plan

following convention
staying within established guidelines
proceeding according to the rules
taking part in traditions
becoming part of the Establishment
being conservative
trusting in the tried-and-true
continuing in known patterns

Page | Effective, Practical, Properous, Trusting

Have an Effect
make your plans real
mold the physical world
use your body
experience nature
achieve tangible results
act on your dreams
get events in motion

Be Practical
take a realistic approach
apply the tools at hand
find a solution that works
use common sense
stop daydreaming
work with what you have
concentrate on what's effective

Be Prosperous
draw to you what you need
increase your means
grow and expand
enrich yourself
go out to meet success
seek abundance
become secure

Be Trusting/Trustworthy
accept that the solution is well in hand
have faith in others
accommodate uncertainty
accept others at their word
keep your word
prove yourself dependable
stick by your commitments
establish credibility

Knight | Unwavering, Cautious, Thorough, Realistic, Hardworking

is dogged in pursuit of a goal
will not quit
stands firm against opposition
stays fixed to a chosen course
keeps true to personal convictions

checks and double-checks
examines all angles beforehand
proceeds slowly and carefully
prefers the safe, known path
is prudent and careful

takes care of every detail
is meticulous
wraps up all loose ends
never leaves a job half done
is painstaking
completes anything started

is willing to look at the facts
faces the truth
is not lured by false hopes
assesses circumstances candidly
predicts problems in advance

becomes dedicated to a task
is diligent and industrious
produces as much as two people
tackles any chore vigorously
is tireless and unflagging

Queen | Nurturing, Big-Hearted, Down-to-Earth, Resourceful, Trustworthy

gives love and support
creates a warm, secure environment
makes people feel better
responds to the natural world
has a green thumb
has a way with children and animals

will do any service for others
is a soft touch
always has an open door and welcoming smile
gives freely and abundantly
is warm, generous and unselfish

handles problems matter-of-factly
allows others to be themselves
has no pretensions or affectations
takes a simple, sensible approach
appreciates all the senses

finds a use for whatever's at hand
is handy and versatile
makes a little go a long way
gets around every obstacle
comes up with what's needed

keeps confidences and secrets
is loyal and steadfast
comes through in a pinch
keeps faith with others
is true to his or her word

King | Enterprising, Adept, Reliable, Supporting, Steady

makes any venture successful
finds opportunity everywhere
attracts wealth
takes an idea and makes it work
is a natural manager and businessperson
has the Midas touch

is informed about practical matters
has a wide range of natural abilities
has quick reflexes
is skillful with his or her hands
handles any situation competently

meets all commitments and promises
assumes responsibility
is dependable and unfailing
can be counted on in a crisis
serves as a rock for others to lean on

encourages the accomplishments of others
readily jumps in to help
is a philantropist
gives generously of time and attention
sponsors worthwhile projects

works toward a goal with firm resolve
avoids mood and behavior swings
has regular habits and activities
maintains a calm, even approach
is a stabilizing influence