Grounding Techniques

NOTE: grounding is not exclusive to Witchcraft. It is also a very common and very effective theraputic technique for anxiety, trauma, anger management, and plenty more. This page is strictly discussing the role of Grounding in Witchcraft and is not meant to be a substitute for mental health advice.

Grounding is meant to bring both your mind and body to the present moment in an effort to enhance your focus on your Spellwork. Clearing your mind of distracting thoughts and allowing yourself to be fully mentally present can help in mild ways, like making sure you don't fumble your words, or extreme ways, like making sure you don't knock over a lit candle.

There is no set way to Ground in Witchcraft. It's a more personal process that you figure out through trial and error. Here are some techniques that myself and others use in no particular order.
General rule of thumb: don't stop because you feel like you should, only stop when it feels right. It can take 5 mintues, or 5 hours. Listening to your body and trusting it to tell you when to stop is essential to effective Grounding. This is why it takes trial and error.