Freyr/Freyja's Aett

Fehu | "F" | Cattle

Prosperity, wealth, abundance, fertility, unstructured creativity, the primal fire, money, wealth, concern with physical and financial needs, goals, promotion, self-esteem, centredness, karma

When drawn in a casting in the upright position this rune suggests financial success, however also for positive assessment of own efforts and actions, which includes much more than just money itself. The rune says that correct evaluation of own actions and deeds means the key of an answer to the question.

Uruz | "U" | Ox

Patterning force, structure, formation, wisdom, inner strength, energy, passion, vitality, instinct, wildness, sexuality, fertility, the unconscious, primitive mind, irrationality, shamanic experience, rite of passage

When drawn in a casting in the upright position Uruz announces that essential for solution of the problem posed in the question are physical strength, energy, vitality and ability to endure, which are to be trained and developed.

Thurisaz | "TH" | Giant

Protection, destruction, defense, polarity, action, regeneration, hardship, painful event, discipline, knowledge, introspection, focus

Thurisaz embodies the life-death polarity, and has the potential of melding the two polarities of kinetic energy into one pattern of action. This rune can warn you to not rush headlong into things but think them through first. Thurisaz is either active energy directed outward or passive Thurisaz energy contained and directed inward. It acts mostly as a carrier, and combines well with various other runes to ensure success when you're doing works of magic.

Ansuz | "A" | Odin

Order, rebirth, consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, mental agility, communication, creative expression, reason, authority figure, leader, mind & body balance

This rune represents divine power and authority. In spread interpretations it advises one to seek assistance and help or to expect it from parents or other personalities of authority, or, otherwise, to listen from one’s elders and to understand that the period of one's learning is still in progress. In case of younger persons or parents of rather young children this rune can signify a scholarship granted.

Raidho | "R" | Journey

Circular flow, rhythm, movement, travel, progression, riding, journey, pilgrimage, change, destiny, quest, progress, life lessons

When Raidho is drawn in the upright position, the basic meaning is that of motion, moving. Raidho announces a pleasant journey, during the course of which the person asking the question is going to experience many unexpected pleasures and joys. This journey does not necessarily have to take one to regions far away; what has been said is also possible to refer to a visit to some relative or friend, as well as to going for a holiday, going on vacation. Regardless of where you are going to travel to, you will enjoy yourself and you will certainly have a nice time. Raidho in this position also stands for other forms of pleasant communications and contacts. You can possibly receive a text or a phonecall bringing good news, or you can acquire new and beneficial experiences.

Kenaz | "C" | Torch

The rune of knowledge, the internal or controlled fire, guiding light, wisdom, insight, solution to a problem, creativity, inspiration, enlightenment

In modern interpretations, Kenaz stands for knowledge or understanding and this is the sense in which the rune should be taken and accepted. Light associates of inspiration and gaining insight and knowledge, thus making what has been invisible clearly visible now. Differing from the wisdom denoted by Thurisaz, Kenaz acting as per of gods’ permission, brings us only particles of insight and realization that we need. Such knowledge generally appears in form of sudden inspiration, that makes it possible for us to clearly see an answer that has been hidden prior to that moment.

Gebo | "G" | Gift

Connection, gift, exchange, interaction, balance, offering, relationship, love, marriage, partnership, generosity, unexpected good fortune

The law of compensation dictates that any displacement or movement of energy has to be compinsated for in some way. With Gebo, the movement is a gift that moves from giver to receiver and sets up a chain of energetic patterns that culminate in a balancing. In this sense, the giving inherent in Gebo resembles the barter system, where one person might trade bread in exchange for jam, and as a result both parties have bread and jam. It is a mutual exchange, benefiting both. Through the exchange between humans and the divine, an aspect of Gebo revolves around the sacred mystery of the two (or many) into One. The power of the G-rune binds people together through an act of will, in order to create a specific result.

Wunjo | "W" | Glory

Joy, pleasure, hope, delight, kinship, fellowship, wonderment, success, recognition of achievements, reward, joy, bliss, achievement of goals, contentment

Wunjo is the last rune of the first Aett representing the end of one cycle and preparations for the next one. This is an exceptionally positive stable rune. When Wunjo is drawn in its upright position it suggests happiness and pleasure. This is an exceptionally good rune regardless of where it happens to lie in the spread, especially if it appears in future aspects or as the outcome. The rune means the full balance of satisfaction and peace however also calm before the change. Wunjo signals travelling over water on business or vacations which can possibly prove very successful and pleasant.

Himdall's Aett

Hagalaz | "H" | Hail

Transformation, change, evolution, merging, harmony, protection, the past, sudden loss, ordeal, destruction, disaster, clearance, testing, karmic lesson, drastic change

Hagalaz features no specific upright and/or reversed positions. The idea of the destruction of the old being necessary to the growth of the new, as contained in the Norse myth of Ragnarok, is essential to our understanding of this rune. Interestingly enough, hagalaz lies between kenaz (fire) and isa (ice), reminding us of the Norse creation myth and the creative potential that lies between these two opposites, even though their meeting may seem at first to be destructive. Like the Tower in the Tarot, hagalaz is only a negative rune if we choose to view it in that way, and refuse to learn its lessons. These sorts of 'wake-up calls' from the Gods will happen frequently throughout a person's life, but are often misinterpreted as divine punishment for some imagined wrong when in fact they are merely a way of drawing your attention to a recurrent pattern in your life. Unfortunately, these types of events have a tendency to repeat themselves with greater and greater severity until the lesson is learned and the pattern is broken.

Nauthiz | "N" | Need

Resistance, deliverance from distress, love, passion, shadow self, poverty, hardship, responsibility, discontent, obstacle, frustration

Embodying resistance, Naudhiz is a cumulative synthesis, a product of a thesis and antithesis: distress coupled with the guidance to deal with it and move beyond the problem. This rune suggests limitations, need, and the passage through a trying time. It can be overcome through hard work and patience, but you should bevery cautious because failure lurks almost everywhere. When drawn in the upright position naudhiz interpreted in spreads means that we have to be patient and stand all limitations that await us. Although unpleasant, the temptations announced by this rune help us develop the firmness necessary for finding the way out of unwished situations.

Isa | "I" | Ice

Stasis, constraint, slow expansion, massive force,gradual integration, delay, inactivity, blockage, stagnation, potential, patience, reflection, withdrawl, rest

Isa features no separate upright or reversed positions. This is the polar opposite of the first rune Fehu, the primal fire that began creation. The positive side of Isa is that there are times when stasis can be helpful in assimilating information, particularly when a lot of input is directed your way and you need time to evaluate it. The negative qualities of Isa are stagnation and procrastination. Isa symbolizes the force of attraction gravity, inertia, and entropy in Oneness. Because of this centralizing and concentrating effect, it represents the individual ego: the energy that holds the ego and self together during stressful times. It is the place where the past and the future come together, molding the present into form. This is why Isa suggests and announces that advisable and preferable is stoppage of all activities connected with the question as at the moment, no action is capable of bringing improvement. One has to wait for the things to start changing by themselves.

Jera | "Y" | Year

Cycles, right action, completion, fertility, natural law, continuation, change, cycle turning, reward, motion, productivity, inevitable development

Jera has no specific upright and inverse positions. Jera is the symbol of connecting incomplete end points, paying old debts. Jera embodies dynamic form, representing the change toward completion. One of the two "central runes" in the scheme of the Elder Futhark, Jera affirms the cyclical nature of this world, including the twelvefold cycle of the sun. It deals with the sun's yearly path, as Raidho deals with the sun's daily path and guiding force. Sowilo, the eighth rune of this aett, is the archtypal sun. Because of its relation to the annual cycle, Jera symbolizes natural law and the fruitfulness of effort. If the magical pattern is set up in accordance with natural laws, and the energy is with you, your harvest will be abundant. A plentiful harvest can happen only if the right things have been done at the right times.

Eihwaz | "EI" | Yew

Communication, death, regeneration, knowledge, dream magick, change, initiation, confrontation of fears, turning point, transformation

Eihwaz features no specific upright and reverse positions. As the axis that grows through and connects the three realms of the upperworld, Midgard, and the underworld, Eihwaz is a lifegiving energy and a powerful stave of protection and banishing. Eihwaz is the thirteenth rune in the sequence, marking the middle of the alphabet. It is the turning point in the runic voyage and symbolizes change as consequence of the process of initiation. In some instances, Eihwaz speaks of difficult current situation one can simply see no way out. It announces that the situation is going to start changing for the better soon, that relief is approaching. In general, Eihwaz announces the inevitable change which brings along positive outcomes and results.

Perthro | "P" | Dice Cup

Birth, wisdom, kinship, manifestation, chance, luck, rebirth, mystery, magic, divination, fertility, sexuality, new beginning, prophecy

When drawing Perdhro in the upright position, it announces existence of a hidden secret in your question. You still do not know everything that is essential, but you certainly will come to learn that in due time, as the rune says that it masters all secrets hidden from others. This means that the person asking the question will, assisted by shrewdness or through acting stealthily, attain his/her goal in the foreseeable future. Perdhro symbolizes the "Orlog," the energy that controls your fate. Underlying this idea is the notion of cause and effect or action and reaction. From this give-and-take comes synchronicity and divination, central concepts with the runes. By becoming aware of the synchronicity in your life, you can evolve and become more knowledgeable about the energies that move, influence, and propel you forward. The perception of Perdhro is a paradox-constant change that always remains the same. Once again, it is the polarities of energy that give this rune meaning. Perdhro's position in the sequence of the runes corresponds to the meaning of rebirth after death. It is the symbol of the divine womb, mysterious and hidden, feminine, gracious and full of power, sexual supplement to Uruz, whose power would be incomplete were it not for Perdhro.

Algiz | "X, Z" | Protection

Spirit, protection, sanctuary, refuge, power, divinity, assistance, defence, warning, support, a mentor, an ethical dilemma

Sowilo | "S" | Sun

Partnership, journey, power, transformation, understanding, success, positive energy, increase, activity, fertility, health

Tyr's Aett

Tiwaz | "T" | Tyr

Duty, discipline, responsibility, self-sacrifice, conflict, strength, a wound, physicality, the warrior path

Berkana | "B" | Birch

Nurturing, rebirth, growth, transition, spirit, concealment, protection, ancestry, fertility, health, new beginnings, growth, conception, plenty, clearance

Ehwaz | "E" | Horse

Duality, movement, partnership, interaction, harmony, transportation, motion, assistance, energy, power, communication, will, recklessness

Mannaz | "M" | Humankind

Godhood and Goddesshood, memory, humanity, order, intelligence, ancestors, sacred union, significator, self, family, community, relationships, social concerns

Laguz | "L" | Water

Fluidity, life force, birth, emotions, fears, unconscious mind, things hidden, revelation, intuition, counseling

Ingwaz | "NG" | Seed

Energy, gestation, integration, male fertility, protection, castration, work, productivity, bounty, groundedness, balance, connection with the land

Dagaz | "D, TH" | Night and Day

Light, enlightenment, polarity, awakening, intuition, well-being, happiness, success, activity, a fulfilling lifestyle, satisfaction

Othala | "O" | Property

Ancestry, prosperity, inheritance, DNA, family, property, land, inheritance, home, permenance, legacy, synthesis, sense of belonging