Cardinal Directions Correspondences


Element: Earth
Altar Position: top (away from you)
Altar Tools: bowl, salt, rocks/crystals, plants, soil
Other Items and Decorations: wooden items (statues, sticks, weaving, craft projects using wood, etc.), leaf garland (real or fake), terrariums/moss jars, pinecones, acorns, debris from local trees
Ancestors, Discovery, Healing, Learning, Logic, Mental Wisdom, Spirituality, Stability
When to Face North: meditation, ritual- and spell-work in general, catchall direction


Element: Air
Altar Position: right side
Altar Tools: wand, feathers, bells, incense, personal writings
Other Items and Decorations: backflow incense burners, bird iconography, divination tools
Beginnings, Clarity Of Vision, Communication, Creativity, Inspiration, New Life, Teaching, Youth
When to Face East: divination, research, invoking, bringing in, spellwork to bring something (not someone) to you


Element: Fire
Altar Position: bottom (towards you)
Altar Tools: candles (wax or LED), cauldron fire, ritual actions
Other Items and Decorations: lighters, sun iconography, dance/moving meditation
Compassion, Emotional Wisdom, Empathy, Faith, Love, Passion, Regeneration, Sensuality, Trust
When to Face South: connecting with spirits directly, spellwork to bring change


Element: Water
Altar Position: left side
Altar Tools: chalice, water jar, wine/olive oil (if applicable), shells
Other Items and Decorations: sand jars, bottles, dream journal
Balance, Dreams, Emotions, Goals, Grounding, Intuition, Judgement, Physical Wisdom, Stability
When to Face West: letting go, banishing, uncrossing, emotional spellwork