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Ace | Emotional Force, Intuition, Intimacy, Love

using emotional force
getting in touch with your feelings
letting your heart lead the way
empathizing with others
expressing deep feelings
responding viscerally

developing intuition
trusting your inner voice
responding to messages from within
experiencing direct knowing
enhancing your psychic awareness
getting in tune with yourself
going with your gut reaction

experiencing intimacy
feeling an attraction grow
falling in love
establishing a bond with another
developing a relationship
getting close to someone
going to a deeper level

proceeding with love
expressing affection
opening yourself to others
responding sympathetically
letting your love light shine
giving to those in need
getting rid of negativity
forgiving and forgetting

2 Two | Connection, Truce, Attraction

making a connection
joining with another
celebrating a marriage or union
cementing a friendship
establishing a partnership
working together
helping and being helped
seeing commonalities

calling a truce
healing a severed relationship
bringing together opposites
letting bygones be bygones
coming to a satisfactory agreement
declaring peace
forgiving and forgetting

acknowledging an attraction
recognizing a bond that is developing
accepting your preferences
letting yourself be drawn in
moving toward
feeling a positive response

3 Three | Exuberance, Friendship, Community

feeling exuberant
bursting with energy
being in the flow
overflowing with high spirits
feeling on top of the world
dancing and singing
putting yourself out there

enjoying friendship
getting together with people you like
experiencing camaraderie
extending/receiving hospitality
finding companions
trusting others
relying on outside help

valuing community
taking part in a support group
developing a team spirit
working together
uniting with others
forming a group bond
helping each other
discovering a common goal
being neighborly

4 Four | Self-Absorption, Apathy, Going Within

being self-absorbed
concentrating on your own feelings
wanting for yourself
being unaware of others
giving out little
withholding affection
seeing only your point of view
ignoring gifts and blessings

feeling apathetic
passively accepting
losing interest
feeling disengaged
making little effort
finding life stale and flat
lacking motivation
feeling little desire

going within
being introspective
pausing to reflect
getting lost in reverie
withdrawing from involvement
losing outer awareness

5 Five | Loss, Bereavement, Regret

suffering a loss
letting go of a hope
giving up the win
experiencing a setback
being defeated
having a possession taken away
saying good-bye

feeling bereft
breaking up a relationship
feeling deprived of love
longing to be reunited
feeling sorrow

feeling regret
being disappointed by events
crying over spilt milk
wanting to turn back the clock
wishing for what might have been
believing you made the wrong choice
acknowledging mistakes

6 Six | Good Will, Innocence, Childhood

experiencing good will
acting kindly or charitably
doing a good turn for another
sharing what you have
having a noble impulse
receiving a gift
feeling blessed
being well-intentioned

enjoying innocence
feeling simple contentment
surrounding yourself with goodness
being blissfully unaware
having a clear conscience
shunning corruption
being acquitted
appreciating simple joys

focusing on childhood
being with a child or young person
feeling carefree
being taken care of
feeling nostalgic
indulging in play
enjoying youthful activities
having a baby

7 Seven | Wishful Thinking, Options, Dissipation

indulging in wishful thinking
creating fantasies
getting caught up in illusions
letting your imagination run wild
kidding yourself about the facts
building castles in the air
waiting for your ship to come in
lacking focus and commitment
avoiding putting ideas to the test

having many options
being offered many alternatives
facing an array of choices
believing in limitless possibilities
looking at a wide open field
getting to pick and choose

falling into dissipation
letting everything go
becoming disorganized
eating/drinking/partying to excess
neglecting your health
entering into addictive patterns
being inclined toward indolence
being lazy

8 Eight | Deeper Meaning, Moving On, Weariness

seeking deeper meaning
focusing on personal truth
leaving the rat race
looking for answers
concentrating on what is important
starting on a journey of discovery
finding out the facts
devoting more time to the spiritual

moving on
realizing the current cycle is over
abandoning a hopeless situation
disentangling yourself
starting on a trip of unknown length
letting go
finishing up and walking away

growing weary
feeling drained by demands
dragging through the day
feeling tired and listless
lacking energy
losing hope
getting weighed down by worries
becoming burned out

9 Nine | Wish Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Sensual Pleasure

having your wish fulfilled
achieving what you desire
obtaining your goal
getting what you think you want
having your dream come true

feeling satisfied
indulging in a little smugness
enjoying the situation just as it is
feeling pleased as punch
getting the results you hoped for
feeling all's well with the world
being contented

enjoying sensual pleasure
experiencing luxury
savoring a delicious meal
appreciating the arts
making love
experiencing beauty
enjoying physical exertion

10 Ten | Joy, Peace, Family

feeling joy
embracing happiness
having a sense of well-being
radiating love
delighting in good fortune
counting your blessings
expressing delight

enjoying peace
experiencing serenity
doing away with hostilities
restoring harmony
reducing stress and tension
feeling contented and at ease
calling a truce

looking to the family
working for peace in the home
going on a family event
reaffirming a family commitment
supporting a relative in need
bonding with family members
forgiving someone in the family

Page | Emotional, Intuitive, Intimate, Loving

Be Emotional
be moved or touched
let your feelings show
respond to beauty
be sentimental or romantic
shed your detachment
let your heart lead the way

Be Intuitive
receive guidance from within
act on a hunch
remember your dreams
have a psychic experience
experience direct knowing
trust your gut reaction

Be Intimate
start or renew a love affair
meet someone you're attracted to
get closer to someone
go beyond formalities
have a special moment of togetherness
solidify a friendship
share something personal

Be Loving
make a thoughtful gesture
express sympathy and understanding
forgive yourself
forgive someone who has hurt you
apologize to someone you have hurt
reach out and touch someone
mend a broken relationship
brighten someone's day
respond with caring rather than anger
refuse to judge or condemn

Knight | Romantic, Imaginative, Sensitive, Refined, Introspective

idealizes love
emphasizes feelings
concentrates on the poetry of life
remembers special occasions
expresses sentiments beautifully

can tap the fertile unconscious
looks beyond the obvious
never takes the mundane path
spins marvelous tales
is visionary

is aware of moods and feelings
helps others open up
responds deeply to life
understands the pains of others
is tactful and diplomatic

appreciates beauty in all forms
seeks the finest
creates a pleasing environment
understands subtlety
is suave and gracious

values the inner life
tries to understand why
questions motivations
seeks self-improvement
sees below the surface

Queen | Loving, Tenderhearted, Intuitive, Psychic, Spiritual

turns away wrath with caring
is unconditionally accepting
is sensitive to the feelings of others
dispels anger and hate
has infinite patience

is easily moved by another's pain
reacts with sensitivity and compassion
is kind and gentle with all creatures
can never turn away someone in need
feels what others are feeling

is always tuned to emotional undercurrents
senses the climate of a situation
is guided by the heart
trusts an inner sense of what is true
understands without having to ask

is open to the unconscious
has a well-developed sixth sense
can have a telepathic bond with another
has a finely-tuned sensibility
is a natural medium

feels oneness with God and the universe
has reverence for all life
finds joy in communion
appreciates the deeper meanings of life
sees the world as a holy place

King | Wise, Calm, Diplomatic, Caring, Tolerant

gives good advice
has a deep grasp of human nature
teaches through loving attention
knows what others need for growth
sees right to the heart of the matter
understands many levels of experience

maintains his or her composure
has a quieting influence on others
is emotionally stable and secure
keeps his or her head in a crisis
never seems nervous or tense

can balance the needs of many people
keeps everyone working together happily
can diffuse a tense situation
achieves goals through subtle influence
says just the right word at the right time

responds to emotional needs
is a natural healer and therapist
takes action to help those in need
feels compassion for the less fortunate
does volunteer and charity work

has open and broad-minded views
accepts the limitations of others
is comfortable with all types of people
allows others their freedom
is patient in trying circumstances