The Basics Of Magick

Terms Used on This Page


Removing the energy from a room, object, or living creature (not though sacrifice or slaying) with the intent to reset the energy within the subject.

Coven/Group Work

A group of people (usually 3 or more) who practice magick together at the same time. All members of a specific coven/group tend to follow the same beliefs, practices, rituals, holidays, etc. and perform together as a team.


The discipline of maintaining your conscious awareness in the present moment and keeping your mind clear of distracting thoughts. Meditation is a form of grounding.

Solitary Work

A person who practices magick alone, outside of a group setting.


A person who practices the religion of Wicca.


The desire to obtain a certain outcome.


The Wiccan Rede
(if you are a Wiccan. Non-Wiccans tend to not have or follow a specific rede or law. It depends on the path.)

The Law or Return
(sometimes called the "Threefold Law". Exclusively Wiccan and not expected to be followed or even acknowledged by everyone)

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust (among partners in magick)

The Witches' Pyramid

Faith in your abilities and powers.
(the magick comes from YOU!!)

Imagination to vividly create in your mind that which you desire to manifest.
(visualization is fundamental in all occult circles)

Will to achieve your goal despite all obstacles.

Secrecy to keep your magickal intention concentrated and pure.
(obviously not observed by everyone. I broke this rule by making this site. Just tell whoever you feel comfortable telling)

The Four Qualities of the Mage

To know

To will

To dare

To keep silence

Preparatory Skills

Cleansing, clearing and stilling



Defining the Goal: Form vs. Essence, Working with the Power

Confining it
(casting the Circle and creating your sacred space in order to perform whatever it is you intend to do. Circle casting tends to only appear in Wiccan circles, again, but it's not the only protection ritual of its kind.)

Raising it
(Not as common with solitary practitioners. This can look like a lot of things, including dancing, chanting, stretching, etc.)

Sending it (channeling it) for immediate effect (aka spellcasting) or into storage (sending energy into an item like a poppet, sigil, or talisman)

Earthing the excess (grounding it)
(always ground whenever you do anything!)

Systems and Techniques


Words of Power and affirmations, charms and incantations
(home of the "I am" statements)

Dance, postures and mudras

Meditation, trance work and hypnosis

Stone magick

Candle magick

Amulets and talismans; power objects or "psychic batteries"


(visualization, hedgeriding, divination, all that good stuff)

(including kitchen magick)

Energy channeling with auras and chakras
(yes, chakras are a sensitive subject because of the accusations of cultural appropriation. Just call them "energy centers" and no one will bat an eye)

Color therapy
(basically wearing and surrounding yourself with the color that you want to reflect your presence. For example, if you want to feel happy, then wear a yellow shirt. Stuff like that.)

Other systems listed above


(crystal ball, mirror, water, fire - if you can stare into it, then something can and will stare back.)




Lithomancy (casting the stones)

I Ching


Astral travel

Thought forms; servitors, wraths, fetches, artificial elementals
(basically a homemade spirit. They're a lot harder to properly maintain than you think! Very draining to keep up, definitely not for anyone new to energy work)

Extra-sensory perception

Clairsentience (clear-feeling)

Clairvoyance (clear-knowing)

Clairaudience (clear-hearing)

Precognition (being able to predict events)

(not to be confused with the movie studio. This method is all about dreams and controlling them to a degree)

Ritual tool magick
(surprise! Tools aren't necessary or used by everyone. It's good to learn how to use them, even if you don't plan on actually using them)

Invocation (calling entities to you)

Symbols, sigils and images


Past life regression or recall
(not everyone believes in past lives and the topic can be controversial)

Ceremonial magic
(how it all began. Occult snobs will say this is the only "real" method of magick. Definitely aimed towards coven and group work rather than solitary work)


The lunar cycle

The Wheel of the Year
(though Wiccan in design, the wheel is used by non-Wiccans as well, since this concept has its origin in Celtic reconstructionism)

Astrological conjunctions

Planetary hours and days
(really only seriously used in ceremonial magick)

Individual biorhythms
(why not use what you already have? It's not like its going anywhere anytime soon.)